Our mission

Eat Breathe Live simply wants you to experience life. Life how it should be lived within a community. A community offering freedom, with respect for one another and the planet in which we live, the air we breathe, and the landscapes surrounding us. A life of happiness.

Eat Breathe Live are forming a tribe in the traditional sense of the word, a society of love, support, friendship and non-judgment. The Eat Breathe Live Tribe. Our mission is to deliver transformational retreats and incredible experiences as you eat, breathe and live life to the fullest.

Upcoming events

The Gathering in Edale with David Sye

Luxurious tented safari lodges and a Victorian shooting lodge on a private upland farm at the start of The Pennine Way at the foot of Kinder Scout. Joining us for the weekend will be David Sye of Yogabeats, presently one of the most appreciated Yoga masters both in the UK and Worldwide.

What an absolutely amazing weekend retreat. The venue, food, schedule, and company were all excellent, but the most amazing and healing aspect was the skill and expertise, the ability to hold us safe whilst we explored our feelings, emotions, fears, and joys. David Sye is wise, authentic, spoke from experience, and made us feel safe to explore our minds and emotions and bodies. I came with a heavy heart, full of fear of the future, raw from a traumatic week- but left feeling brave, comforted, able and motivated - with the help of my ancestors with me. I know this weekend will nourish me for many months, a life changing experience.